My Slight Love-Affair with Twitter.

Today I typed my 12,000th Twitter message. I almost shed a tear, to be honest.  Twitter is a weird, little thing.  I’ve been on it for a while, way, way longer than most people.  I jumped on because a ton of Game journalists were using it, bouncing around little messages.  I followed them to keep informed.  Then politicians started using it and everyone and his Mom got on.  It is easy to use? What is it?  Why isn’t it a fad like everyone thought it was?  And how come it gets compared constantly with Facebook?  I have a few ideas.

Twitter is simple.  It delivers information.  That’s it.  Keep it simple.  Twitter allows you to send information out into the world.  Where into the world? Doesn’t matter.  Twitter represents the new world we live in.  It doesn’t care who hears it, just as long as you say it and it is interesting.  It wasn’t a fad, like people thought.  How can a Information-delivery device be a fad?  It works just like it is supposed to.  It gets compared to Facebook because Facebook does the the same thing. But Facebook is a bunch of people yelling to their friends, to people they know. Twitter sends these nuggets of knowledge out into the random masses.  Twitter users don’t care who sees our messages.  We just care that there are people out there listening, randomly and actively, hanging on every random thread.  That is the power of Twitter.  That’s why I dig on it.