The Daily Daily: Every American is Free. Unless you’re Gay.

Meaning less and less every day.

Ok.  We have two people.  One has blonde hair.  The other has black hair.  The Blonde hair person is allow to walk into a building.  The one with the black hair isn’t allowed.  Why?  Because the building has a policy of not letting people with black hair into a building.  What do we call that?  Seriously?  What do we call that?  We call that prejudiced.  Or we call the building a lot of bigots.  When you allow one group of people do something, but don’t allow the other group do something, you are a bigot.  There isn’t any other way you can describe this.

Thus, the crap that happened yesterday should have pissed people off.  The Senate decided that one group of people, homosexuals, should not be allowed to do something, serve in the military openly, because of who they are.  Nature vs. Nature, whatever you believe, the Government of our country actively decides that a group of people can not be allowed to do something because of who they are.  Pretty much every rich and modern country on this planet allows it but America can’t.  This makes me want to vomit.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Daily: Every American is Free. Unless you’re Gay.

    • It is just annoying. I have no problem with people’s believes. That is a personal issue. But the idea that treating one group differently than another when it comes to public service? I am surprised that a lawsuit hasn’t come out about this. It this was a racial thing, it would have been over years ago. It was over years ago. Ugh! Hey, Erin. I got a Creative Writing class next semester. Happy face.

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