Halo: Reach Impressions

I didn’t think it was going to be a good game.  I mean, can you really blame me?  I love Bungie.  But how many games can Bungie make with such perfection?  With such style?  But I was wrong.  Do you hear me, Internet!  I was wrong!  Halo: Reach is a damn good game.  It is the best Halo game of the series.  The story isn’t as good, but combine everything else, the graphics, the multiplayer, all the co-op abilities and the Forge abilities, and you have the full package for a video game.  It is worth $80 dollars, not just $60.  And it has the potential of being Game of the Year.  Spoilers Ahead!

Halo: Reach is the prequel of the Original Halo: Combat Evolved.  You play as a Spartan, but a weaker Spartan.  You are still strong and fast, but you are as strong or fast as the Master Chief.  You are Master Chief Lite.  You work with a team and you engage in different military acts to try and save the planet Reach from an Invasion from the Covenant.  This is the Covenant you remember.  You get to fight the Elites again.  Plus Jackals, Grunts, Brutes, Buggers and Hunters.  The battles are like you remember.  Some are hard.  Some feel impossible.  Some will make you break your control and scream.  There are also Space Battles, Air combat, and almost everything else you can possibly imagine. It is a fall flavored campaign and this is a Halo campaign like it should be.  Halo: Reach forces fans to recall the days when Bungie was the Kings of First Person Shooters.  After playing Reach, you’ll almost laugh at other shooters.

The Multiplayer is richer than Halo 3, if you can believe it.  One new game type is Skull Hunter.  It is a team game.  You should the opponent and a skull pops out. You collect the skull and then place it in a territory.  Your team gets points.  You get sweet, sweet points.  Nothing.  Nothing is better.  Nothing is better than shooting a guy who is trying to score his points and seeing 15 skulls just pop up in the air like it is raining the death of all my enemies.  It is the best feeling in the Universe.

I was wrong.  Halo: Reach is the best of the Halo games.  It should also be the last one. We love you, Bungie.  But we are ready for your wonders to spread to other places.  Give us a MMO and we will play it.  Give us a RPG and we will play that, too.  You’ve proven that you know how to give us the Video game we need.  Thank you.