The Daily Daily: Happy Halo: Reach Day

I’ve fought the Covenant for almost a Decade now.  They won’t die.  They just change or become something different or get harder to kill.  I’m not saying I think Halo: Reach is going to be a bad game. I am saying that I’m buying this game to play with my friends and that’s it.  I feel like the guy who hates playing football, but all his friends play football, but he likes playing golf, but they want to play football and he wants to hang with them so he asks, hey, you guys want play a round of golf?  And they say, no, we want to play football.  So the guy plays football.  But he wants to play golf.  Ultimately, Halo: Reach is a game I’ll play and enjoy.  But Bungie felled to get me excited about the game.  My friends playing late into the night, yelling and cursing and laughing?  They convinced me to buy the game.  I’m not sure what that says about me.  I know that mining for Minerals in Mass Effect 2 just seems more fun for me nowadays.  Good morning.