The Case for Religious Tolerance.

I’m not a Muslim, but I respect every Muslim that I’ve ever meet.  I’m not Catholic.  I’m not a Buddhist.  I don’t believe in Hindu.  I’m not an Atheist.  I believe in God. If I did believe in any of those things, if I didn’t believe in God, however, it would be Ok.  We should celebrate our differences and be happy that we have the freedom and the ability to demonstrate and practice our freedoms.  All of our freedoms.  Every one of them.  Even the ones that we don’t agree with.  Especially the ones that we don’t agree with.  Peep this video.  How can anyone think that this man is a bad person?  How does this work?  You can’t watch this video and be an educated person and think that there is something wrong with this man.  And that’s the problem.  Not everyone who is educated is speaking.  That’s the core problem right there.