The Daily Daily: The Return of Hoodie Weather

It happens every year.  One day, you walk out the house and you think you might be more comfortable if you wear a jacket.  So you grab a jacket.  You step out the door and you aren’t hot.  In fact, you are more comfortable than you’ve been in months.  You have pockets now.  The return of pockets?  You put your cellphone in the pocket instead of your bag and you think, huh.  That’s nice.  You walk to get some coffee.  When you get to the shop, your head isn’t wet, you aren’t covered in sweat.  You sit outside, directly in the sun.  You walk to the bus stop.  Even though the bus is fifteen minutes late, as usual, you don’t care.  It is nice out.  You lay around.  You actually don’t care if the bus ever comes.  When it does, you feel a ting of disappointment.  A small slap of sadness.  Why can’t I just sit outside all day?  This is fall.  I love fall because it is so short.  It will be gone soon.  In less than two months, I will trade this light jacket, this thin hoodie, for a thick coat and a scarf.  It will snow an ungodly amount and the walk to get coffee will be as torturous as it is in the Summer.  But, for now, let’s us enjoy this temporary perfection.  Put that hoodie on.  You know you deserve it.