The Daily Daily: The First Ever Social Networking Site

It’s funny, but I’ve been social networking for a very long time.  We didn’t have a great infrastructure and it didn’t have a lot of options.  It just had beer and a juke box and that’s about it.  Somehow, and I’m not sure how, we made friends.  I mean a lot of friends.  For some, this could be a bit….scary.  Check this out from Alt Text:

The first thing I noticed is that you can hear everyone’s conversation. There’s this constant torrent of noise coming from all corners of the site. It’s a good thing I wasn’t visiting this brewpub at work, or I’d be blasting the ears off my co-workers. At any rate, I did the normal thing in cases like these, which is to wander from table to table asking people if they’d be my friend. Almost nobody did, which is very odd for a social network. What’s the point of interacting with people if you don’t acquire as many friends as possible? Even the people who were willing to be my friend weren’t willing to tell me the names of friends of theirs that I might want to be friends with. Finally, I was able to track down the people who gave me an invite to the brewpub in the first place. They shot me some funny looks when I asked them to friend me, but they nodded and I sat down. “I’m sitting in this brewpub!” I announced. My new friends stared at me, then went back to communicating  to each other about some movie I haven’t seen.

It can be scary.  I suggest you do it very, very slowly.  Start with a coffee shop first.  Baby steps.