Welcome to Climate Change.

Climate Change is real.  Look at theses cases.

Forests, Russia’s greatest wealth after hydrocarbons, have turned into its curse this summer. The worst heat wave on record, aggravated by a severe drought, has triggered ferocious wildfires that have burned down scores of villages, left thousands of people homeless and forced an evacuation at the country’s main nuclear facility.

So we have fires in Russia.  We also have Floods in Pakistan.

The United Nations general secretary, Ban Ki-moon, has appealed for swifter aid to provide immediate relief in food, shelter and clean water for the millions affected by the worst monsoon rains on record. “Make no mistake, this is a global disaster,” Ban told a hurriedly convened session of the UN general assembly. “Pakistan is facing a slow-motion tsunami. Its destructive powers will accumulate and grow with time,” he warned. Weather forecasts have said there could be four more weeks of rain, which will add to the flood problems.

Those two are connected.  How?

It now seems that these two apparently disconnected events have a common cause. They are linked to the heatwave that killed more than 60 in Japan, and the end of the warm spell in western Europe. The unusual weather in the US and Canada last month also has a similar cause. According to meteorologists monitoring the atmosphere above the northern hemisphere, unusual holding patterns in the jet stream are to blame. As a result, weather systems sat still. Temperatures rocketed and rainfall reached extremes.

Climate Change believers have told us, over and over and over, that the weather is going to get weird.  Really, really, weird.

Climate change skeptics mocked people concerned about global warming during the winter’s “Snowmageddon” storms, say the editors of The Washington Post, but they’re not laughing any more. The catastrophes in Russia and Pakistan, a fifth of which is now under water, may not have been triggered by global warming, but they are examples of how higher temperatures make all kids of “dangerous weather events” far “more destructive.” This is a preview of the price we’ll pay if we continue “to pump carbon into Earth’s atmosphere.”

This is going to get worse.  It is too late to fix it.  We’ve missed that boat.  We can stop it from getting too, too worse, but there is no going back.  Here is what you should start expecting: Hot Summers.  Very busy winters with winter storms.  Short falls and short springs. Super weird thunderstorms. Forest fires. Food shortages. Droughts.  We all aren’t going to die, not all at once and not any time soon.  But the way we remember the weather, moderate temperatures and seasons that you can understand, those times are over and they aren’t come back in our life times.  Such is the price of our lavish lifestyles.


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  1. This is scary. I’ve been aware of climate change issues for sometime but you always wished, hoped, prayed that things would not truly get bad. but I think your right a certain amount of planetary damaged has already happened and there is no going back. Hopefully we can avoid making it much worse. Oh, who am I kidding, were up a creek, without a paddle, sorry kids we broke the planet, none left for you.

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