The Daily Daily: High Speed Railing

Never thought I'd be on a train...

I hate driving because, deep down, I’m lazy.  Driving takes effort.  I’m used to getting on the bus or getting on the train and listening, truly listening, to Prefuse 73 and trying to figure out the secret genius.  Thus, I’m a huge proponent of trains.  I think we should have a web of high-speed trains that will take me where ever I want to go.  I don’t mind paying for a train ticket.  Three hours from D.C. to NYC seems like one hour if you have a good book or a friend to talk to.  Will we get it?  Some say we should:

“Experts in the oil industry have been saying for a number of years now that there is not enough oil left in the ground to continue our current level of consumption, not to mention no way to meet growing demand, and we can expect half as much oil available to us in the next 20 years,” said Andy Kunz, president and CEO of the rail association.

Some say we shouldn’t:

One has to wonder what exactly motivated the review team to endorse the proposed $1.1 billion investment in the Kansas City-St. Louis-Chicago route, which would allow customers to reach their destinations 10 percent faster than they could by driving between Chicago and St. Louis,” said Ronald Utt, who is the Herbert and Joyce Morgan senior research fellow for the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

We at least need more options.  Don’t be afraid of being carless.  No, it isn’t fun.  But it is nice not paying for the car note, buying insurance, checking tire pressure, making sure the oil is changed, worrying about getting in a wreck. Cleaning it. Parking it.  Make sure you don’t lock your keys in the car, paying for gas. It is nice not worrying about those things.  Good morning, by the way.