The Daily Daily: Putin puts out fire by peeing on it. Not really, but that would be funny.

There has never been a better human.

If you didn’t know, Russia is on fire.  Why? Well, it is hotter than it has ever been there.  The smog level in the country is horrible and the levels of fires are out of control. They don’t know how to stop it, just like the oil leak we had.  We are looking at what makes governing so difficult.  How to help the people?  How to stop things that are unstoppable.  Well, Prime Minister Putin figured out a way.  He got into a plane, grabbed some water, and put out two of the fires.  Seriously.  He did that.  Now, we are thinking, hell yeah!  That’s a leader!  Yeah, he’s a leader, all right.  And, just like a leader, he is worried about Poll numbers.

Putin’s stunt comes as polls show waning public support for Russia’s president and prime minister. Respected Russian sociologist Leonty Byzov told Vedomosti business daily Putin and Medvedev’s ratings could drop to 40% in the next six months. He said there was a growing fatigue surrounding Putin’s popularity and that if the government’s poor response to the wildfire crisis is taken into account, the two leaders’ ratings would decrease dramatically.

So, President Obama?  Don’t feel bad.  Every Leader-dude is having some tough times.  Don’t worry. It is going to get better.  Not really…