The Daily Daily: The Death of the Plastic Bag

Here, up in DC, we tax that crap.  You want a plastic bag, you better fork over some change.  This has helped a butt-ton, dropping the use of plastic bags from obnoxious levels to boring, dull levels.  It has also raised some coin, which is nice.  But up over in California, where they like to party, they are taking it one step further.  They want to Ban the bags all together, making plastic bags illegal.  Man, that is so awesome I can’t even see straight.

The “green” law is intended to encourage shoppers at grocery, convenience and other stores to bring along their own reusable totes, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. If they don’t have a tote, they could either buy a reusable bag or choose paper bags, available for a minimum 5-cent fee. Stores couldn’t hand out paper bags for free. Californians use19 billion plastic bags every year. While the bags are convenient, environmentalists argue they’re tough to recycle and encourage oil drilling because bags are made from petroleum. Critics of the bill say that it amounts to a new tax on Californians.

Plastic bags are horrible and it is time they go.  This is a simple way to help the environment, stop killing so many damn animals, and reduce our overwhelming huge carbon foot-print.  Even you live in a place without a tax or a ban on plastic bags, just carry a tote to the grocery store anyway.  You’ll be the cool kids on the scene.  Trust.  Good morning.