News Rodeo: The Illusion of Freedom

We live in a Free Country.  Not really.  But that is the logo that looks the best on the “America” signs that we have printed up.  Our freedoms, I’m sorry, our Perception of those freedoms, are very important to us.  It is how we keep going, and how we sing songs and go to political rallies and vote for people.  The idea is that only American can do the things that Americans do, and that other countries suck.  I normally don’t believe that.  But, I mean, then you hear about stuff like this.

Smartphone users in countries all over the world could lose some privacy if threats and promises by foreign nations to shut down BlackBerry services goes through, analysts say. On Sunday, the UAE threatened to block access to e-mail, web browsing and text messages on the popular smartphone on October 11 if its owner, Research In Motion, doesn’t provide government access for security investigations. And on Tuesday, the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission asked mobile communications companies in Saudi Arabia to halt BlackBerry service in the kingdom beginning August 5, the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

Yes, this is bad.  But make no mistake, your phone is already tapped.  So are your emails and everything else about you. We have the illusion of privacy, but it isn’t actually true.  We know it isn’t true.  We just come to terms with it and by coming to terms with it, we understand completely that we get to have all this stuff, the emails, the texting, even the sexting, and we get to do it how we want, when we want.  The UAE is just forcing their hand and seeing how much they can control by out-right saying they want to control it. Which would you rather have?  Actual Freedom, the illusion of freedom or no ability to have freedom?  Thankfully, this is America.  That is a none choice for us.  But I feel bad for other countries facing no choice at all.