The Daily Daily: Will Kanye West Kill Twitter?

I feel like Kanye West is ruining Twitter.  There are moments where something that is loved is taken away from you, and I feel like this is happening now.  I’ve been on Twitter sense the first year it started.  I’ve used it in a variety of ways, all of them have been a silly waste of time.  But actually witnessing the waste of time is almost unbearable.  Here. Judge for yourself. Kanye West is all over twitter, and it is like having your best bud wear your hat and then realizing it is a ugly hat. He tweets about going to Korean.  He tweets about Swedish girls using his tweeter account.  He shows us watches like this one.

That is an ugly watch. He shows us chairs, like this one.

This is an ugly chair.  This is coming from Kanye West’s minds.  Think of Twitter as a live feed into your most mundane, your silliest, your smallest thoughts.  Some people’s tweets are rich and interesting.  Most just aim a pointer to writing that is deeper than a tweeter message can hold. Some are just stupid.  But Twitter, even with Politicians and Movie stars using it, is still pretty under the radar.  Most children won’t use it, and the kids push popular culture.  But what if Kanye West becomes this rod, this lightening rod, this marker that people can look at and say, “See?  Kanye West is stupid. Kanye West is using twitter, so Twitter is stupid.”  This is a fallacy, but it is a well constructed fallacy.  Will Kanye West cause the down fall of twitter?  No.  But he might make it seem unattractive, which would be good.  That way, we can thin the herd.  I love Kanye’s music, by the way.  His twitter?  Stupid.  Good morning, by the way.


One thought on “The Daily Daily: Will Kanye West Kill Twitter?

  1. Not on twitter…maybe that’s why I’m overjoyed by his decision to tweet, I have no emotional ties. I can’t wait for the tweets that’ll put gum in everyone’s hair, and piss em off because they can only cut it out. These are the appetizers, stupid appetizers, but not the main course by far. I will be pleased.

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