News Rodeo: Passion and Politics

You’ve probably seen this, and if you haven’t, you might as well watch it.  The guy yelling like someone shat in his Fruit Loops is Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York.  He gets mad and he yells all the time.  What does he get mad about?  Well, in this video, Civil Workers from the 9-11 horror need special benefits, and Congress was voting to give it to them.  But, you know, some people got all like, no, we ain’t gonna vote on it. So he got all mad.  Do we need this yelling?  Some people say no, we don’t.  Some people say yes, like this guy from TPM (Talking Points Memo):

What I like about Weiner, or at least what I see of him in public, is that he’s in the game. He doesn’t hold himself above it or outside of it. He’s in there. He’s fighting. A good lesson for Democrats: If you’re actually in there fighting, you don’t have to worry about “projecting” to voters that you’re a fighter.

I’ll be honest and tell you that the United States Congress is damn boring.  The purpose of the Government is to give people an organized and structured Framework so that they can live their lives the way they want to.  The foul part is that, within that frame, you can only live your life the way the Frame allows it. Hence, no gay marriage and no legal pot.  That is why people yell, because that frame work has to be adjusted.  That’s why people yell.  That’s why they should yell and that is why people need to yell more.  I mean, the British do it, and they are pretty damn cool people.  See.

Passionate politics.  That’s what I’m talking about.


2 thoughts on “News Rodeo: Passion and Politics

  1. personally, i wish it was like this more often. i also think he is right, so maybe i am biased. this is how i would act if i were in the same position, i would be pissed all the damn time 🙂

    • I like people in power being pissed off. I would just walk over to the opposition’s desk and take a dump on it. Words don’t properly convey my hatred.

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