News Rodeo: The Horrible Normal.

This summer is the hottest year on record.  Last year was hottest year on record.  The year before that was that hottest year on record.  You see where I’m going with this.  The Climate is changing.  This is the truth. We are doing it.  You can argue to me all you want that the Earth is going through a “Cycle” and this is “Natural”.  That is bullshit.  If this is Natural, then you should be more afraid.  If this gets any worse, we are all going to die from it.  So, yeah, you better hope this is our fault because then we might have a chance to change it.

But, yeah, that isn’t going to happen either.  Why?  Because we can’t pass any sort of Energy Legislation.  Rich people don’t want to pay taxes.  No one wants to pay taxes.  We all want the government to do stuff, but we don’t want to pay for it.  Being an American is frustrating half the time and the other half it is damn near embarrassing.  I think Ezra Klein of the Washington Post says it a bit classier.

But the fact that we’re not going to solve the problem doesn’t mean the problem goes away. Just look at the financial crisis or the BP oil spill for evidence that bad things can happen to inattentive countries. Better hope someone invents a brand-new, low-cost, easily scalable, endlessly renewable, totally sustainable energy source, and quick.

It is going to get hotter next year.  Or weirder next year.  The weather is all screwed up and I’m sick of telling people about it, sick of yelling about it, sick of people continuously telling everyone to do something but no one does anything. This is a fixable problem.    The only thing we are lacking is the resolve to do it.