News Rodeo: Heavy is the Head.

We aren’t supposed to like our Leaders.  I remember my English Teacher telling me that, once.  I was asking why, in almost every story, some one is trying to over throw someone or take someone over or something and she said, you aren’t supposed to like Leaders.  No one likes a Leader and no one really enjoys being a Leader.  Why would any one want to have the responsibility to lead anyone?  Why do teachers teach?  I can answer that.  I enjoy it. I’m OK at it.  It is a job that I feel like I can do and not feel like crap at the end of the day.  I suppose that any one who leads anything feels the same way.  Someone has to be in charge, and the person who is in charge has to have the power to make decisions, to do the right thing, to help those who can’t help themselves.

That’s why everyone hates President Obama.

It isn’t because he passed a Health Care Reform Bill.  He could have passed a “Comic Book Reform Bill” and he still would have gotten blasted.  It isn’t because he pushed for a Stimulus Package to help the Economy.  It isn’t because he’s black.  It isn’t because he’s a Democrat or because he’s a Socialist or because whatever the hip reason is people don’t like him.  That’s why his Poll numbers suck right now.  That’s why everyone is all yelling at him.  He’s the President.  That’s why.

Every job I ever had had a boss that most people didn’t like.  I can’t think of any Leader that I’ve ever worked with who was liked by anyone.  We don’t like Leaders.  Not even our Parents.  We love our parents, but we don’t like them until we move out and get our own place.  Why should we like them?  They keep telling us we can’t do stuff.  President Obama is no different.  Why he ever wanted to be President, God only knows.  He has the job, so he has to do the job, and he has to do the job the way he thinks the job has to be done.  Just like Bush before him, just like Clinton before him.  You don’t have to like it.  You don’t have to understand it. Every four years, you get your say and then you shut up and wait another four years.  I hated Bush, I thought Clinton was a creep and I thought Bush Sr. was an old fart. Reagan invaded inner cities with cocaine, Carter was boring, and I don’t even know who was President before Carter.  Presidents matter.  This is true.  But they don’t get you jobs.  They don’t put food on your plate.  They can’t save your life and you’re a fool if you think they can. Presidents do the best job they can and they are always, always hated for it.

You hate President Obama?  You think he’s doing an awful job?  You wish you never voted for him?  You think the country is going down hill?  Fine.  Do better.  There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who talk and those who do.  People who do don’t talk, they do.  And the talkers are too busy talking to do anything.  So shut up.  Do better. Or just chill out and watch. Read.  Learn.  Try to understand who leadership works, how government works.  Stop worrying about politics.  Politics are great for television and news-crap.  Read a book.  Have a discussion about the nature of government.  Stop looking at poll-numbers and pay attention to your job or your local institutions.  Stop worrying so much.  Chill out. Relax.  He’s Obama.  Seriously. He’s got this.