News Rodeo: Wow, we really created synthetic life?

Well, that bastards did it.  They created DNA in a lab, using a computer, stuck the DNA in some Bacteria and then the bacteria used the DNA to start up the cells and, bam, life.  That is pretty much what they did.  They created some artificial life up in that piece.

U.S. researchers have created the world’s first “synthetic life,” a strain of bacteria created with man-made DNA.”This is the first self-replicating cell we’ve had on the planet whose parent is a computer,” team leader Craig Venter of the J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, Md.

Have we not learned anything from Battlestar Galactica? Remember Battlestar Galactica? There are a few, well, about a billion, different reasons why we shouldn’t be doing this.  First, we have no idea what will happen if we just stick man-made DNA into bacteria.  Bacteria loves to live through anything and we have to be careful how and if we need to make new bacteria.  Second, is there any reason why we need to do this?  Seriously? Don’t we have enough to do besides making new bacteria?  Maybe I’m just old, but I’m not a fan of putting stuff into stuff just because you feel like putting stuff into stuff.  I have a pretty solid rule:  If your hands are clean, try and keep them clean. I also have another rule:  Don’t kiss anyone who shaves their face.  But that rule has nothing to do with artificial life.  Not really, anyway.


3 thoughts on “News Rodeo: Wow, we really created synthetic life?

  1. Well when you are talking sentient machines its an impossibility. This however is bacteria, and who knows what it can do, if it’ll become immune to antibiotics or certain medicines. Hell it may not even be harmful yet.

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