The Corporation: Impressions

I’ve been actively trying to figure out what I would call my classes, if I were allowed to.  I am allowed to sexy them up, but I don’t think I can claim them yet, give them a title and all that noise. That being said, I always want to call my Argumentative Essay class, EN 102: YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED.  It rings.  The Corporation documentary agrees with me, giving a thorough rundown of what a corporation is, how it works legally and theoretically, why corporations are evil by design and what the average person can do about it (Hint.  Not much).  What I liked about this flick is that it made me sick to my stomach.  The way corporations have free reign to operate how and where they see fit is disgusting.  I also like how the movie reaffirmed my commitment never to drink milk (You have to watch it to believe it).  I also enjoyed the opposing viewpoints that they were able to portray. They had plenty of people that spoke against corporations like Howard Zinn, Michael Moore, and Noam Chomsky (Remind me to get some of his writings). But the movie also showed CEOs of major corporations like the CEO of Shell, the CEO of IBM (Nazis used computers.  Did you know that?) and the head of of a carpet manufacturer that saw the error of his ways.   What I hated about this film was the length.  There was no desire or even a hint of desiring to edit this thing.  It could have easily been an hour, but they pulled it out to over two.  I got bored half way through it.  They made their point, and then they would make their point again, and then ask me if I knew what they point was.  I get it.  I get it.  Other than that, it is a film you should be actively watching, and that’s why I have the Netflix link here, which I will be doing for all movies in the future.  I’m awesome like that.