The Whiskey Metaphor

It is a part of our culture.  That is what we are angry about.  Like, if a child reached up and grabbed his father’s glass of whiskey, then drank it, of course the father is going to be upset.  But whom should the father blame?  The son? For wanting the whiskey? For doing what the father always does?  Or should the father blame himself? Do we blame anyone? Of course we do. We blame both of them. We blame the son for taking the whiskey and we blame the father for pouring it and leaving it unchecked.

Who is the son in this little metaphor?  Who is the father?

If I say that the government is the son and the oil industry is the father, then the oil industry should know better, are the government are just innocent little kids.  That doesn’t fit.  If the government is the father and the oil industry is the kid, then the very system we depend on is fundamentally broken and the oil industry is just doing what the oil industry does.  Nah. That doesn’t fit that great either.  How about this.

We are the kid.  All of us.  We put gas in our cars and we use plastic bags and we buy soda in plastic bottles.  The keys I’m typing on? Plastic.  My shoes?  Plastics.  The gas that pushes the bus I ride on has plastics.  My remote controls have plastics. Book covers and slick because they have a plastic coating. Plastics and synthetics and all this crap we use on a daily basis.  That is why we keep drilling deeper and deeper oceans.  That is why eleven people died.  That is why the Gulf Coast is going to be completely ruined and that is why all those fishes and dolphins are dying.  Whose fault is it?  Is it the government’s fault?  The Oil industry’s fault?  No.  It is our fault. It is our fault and it is going to be our fault. Sorry to be so depressing.

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