Whatcha Listening To? My Five Recent Albums

As a commuter, which is a fancy way to say that I ride the damn bus a lot, I have to have some music to listen to.  That’s just a fact. I don’t particularly want to hear a crying baby, or some lady complaining to her husband that she complains too much.  Here is what I’ve been listening to.  First up, Broken Bells.  This is a strange one.  It is like having a friend walk around with you and sort of, I don’t know, hum to you.  Like, have you had one of those days where you want someone to be nice to you?  Give you a back rub?  Say you look pretty today?  That’s what the Broken Bells Album feels like to me.  This isn’t a bad thing, really.  I pop this album in when I want to mellow out.  The last track is the best track, which is refreshing. Always leaves me on a high note.  Next up, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Remixes.  I really dug the original album, the non-remixed one and I sort of hate this one.  Hate is a strong word, which is why I used it.  The songs are ok, and I’m sure that a few of them will wonder into a shuffle-mix somewhere.  But the whole album lacks a concept, besides the concept of making already cool songs sound strange, which shouldn’t be a concept. I also grabbed the XX album, which I don’t hate, but I’m not sure I like it, either.  I bought this as a “Back up” album, just in case I need some hipster make-out music and I’ve lost my Sade albums somehow.  Speaking of Sade, I’ve got her new one, too.  So Good!  I would gladly wait every ten years for a new set of songs by her, no matter how big her forehead is.  Finally, I’ve been rocking the new Deftones.  After a week of listening, I’ve finally figured the album out. “Diamond Eyes” is a lot like the self titled “Deftones” album, their fourth one.  There are some good tracks, but no great ones. The new album isn’t as good as “White Pony” by any means, but I think all the songs will fit comfortably if you shuffle through the Deftones Collection.  That’s it.  Let me know what you’ve been listening to in the comments.