Impressions: Halo Reach Beta

Ever since the first Halo game, we’ve wanted the next Halo game.  I’m not sure why.  I can’t give you any answers.  I don’t wait around for any other game more than a new Halo game.  But, heres the thing.  I sort of hate Halo games. I mean, I’ll say it.  I do.  I sort of hate them.  Well, I don’t hate everything about them.  I like the Campaigns for all of them.  I thoroughly enjoy that part of it.  I sort of like the story.  I find it very, very compelling.  The game play is great, too.  The graphics are pretty cool.  I can’t complain there.  No, what bugs me, what has always bugged me and what will probably bug me for the rest of my life, is the multiplayer.  I hate the Multiplayer because I suck at it.  Let’s just be honest today.  I am not a good Halo player.  I have never been a good Halo player and I probably won’t be.  But, and here is where I introduce the thesis, why do I suck so bad? Especially when I am not bad, at all, at Modern Warfare 1 and 2 or Gears of War games.  Seriously.  Put me into an Infinity Ward game and I will hold my own and straight up embarrass bastards.  But put me in a combat situation in the new Halo: Reach Beta and you’ll just see me crying and screaming at all the people using jetpacks.  I also hate jetpacks.  But I don’t hate the Beta.  Well, I sort of do.  We’ll get to that.

The Halo: Reach Beta is suppose to allow Bungie and Microsoft to find out some information about Matchmaking, map balancing, and to pimp out their game.  If you’ve played any of the other Halo games, then Reach will actually surprise you.  There are load-outs, yes, load-outs.  You have different abilities and you can pick the ability you want.  You can have a load-out that allows you to sprint, a load out that lets you have a super-shield, a load out that lets you turn invisible and a load out created by Satan himself that allows you to have a stupid jet pack.  Why do I hate the jetpack?  Because I suck at Halo games.  I told you this.  And because there are people who don’t and the people who don’t kill me because they can get a higher vantage point and pick me off.  That’s why.  At the core, that is the problem with all Halo games. People who are really good at it can destroy and drive to depression anyone who is bad or simply not good at the game. I’m sure Reach will change and there will be adjustments and changes and all that crap.  But, for now, Halo: Reach feels like a Halo game. There are some great new weapons and some new game types and some cool extra stuff, but it is a Halo game.  Of course I’ll buy it.  Of course I’ll play it.  And of course I will get pissed off and scream at my television.  That is what Halo is all about.  You hate it.  You can’t stand it. But you buy it and play it anyway and you have a great time doing it.