My new Macbook Pro

Buying a new Mac was a tough decision for me.  In my soul, I felt like I needed a new gadget.  You geeks know what I’m talking about.  There is sometimes this…URGE to buy a piece of hardware.  Once it latches on to us, it is near impossible to pull it off.  It intangles and works its way into the wallet and then it is all over.  The worst part was trying to figure out if it was worth it.  I wanted a new Macbook, but did I need one?  Does someone, anyone, really need a new computer?  I’m here to tell you that, yes, sometimes that is the case.  Once I opened up my new Macbook Pro, once I began working on it, once I started doing all the stuff I do with it, I understood without hesitation that this was the computer I always wanted to have.

So, you are going to ask, what’s the difference?  There are a ton, actually.  First, the Pro I have now has 4 gigabytes worth of memory.  If you have no idea what that means, memory is the space the computer uses to run its functions.  Storage is where it stores all your crap.  Think of Memory like the work bench a computer uses and storage is like the closet you keep all your crap in. Having 4 gigs of Memory might not seem like much to people with super-computer rigs.  But for a guy who has been working with 1 gig for five years, it is amazing.  The fan never runs.  At all.  And that is when I have several applications running.  The Pro also has a much more robust battery life.  The battery, hooked up to a network and fully charged, has about 8 hours in it. That is just absurd to me.  The old Macbook I had could barely give me a solid 4 hours.  Add to that a few simple bells and whistles, like keyboard lights, an upgraded iPhoto that is still a pain in the ass, upgraded trackpad design and way more storage space, and there is no real reason why I shouldn’t have upgraded.  The price was steep, but when I think about how long I had my first Macbook, and how much I used it, it makes perfect sense.  Macs just work.  They will do the stuff you need them to do.  Just don’t ask it any questions or try to move stuff around and everyone will be happy.  It was a steal, and I’d happy recommend a new Macbook for anyone that wants to fill that empty void in their lives.