Splinter Cell: Conviction Impressions

Splinter Cell: Conviction is such a weird, weird game.  I’ve never seen a game like this before.  How does this game work?  How does it function?  Where did it come from?  Where was this game birthed?  Who decided the birth?  And how did anyone decide to let it become birthed?  So amazing.  I was playing it the other day, trying to figure it out.  Some part of it made complete sense.  I was rolling from cover to cover.  I was picking targets, deciding who lived and who died, finding targets and then hitting one single button and making these targets fall to the floor.  I was hiding in the shadows.  I was moving like a panther from place to place.  It was sheer, wonderful genius.  I understood that part.  This was stealth.  This was the Splinter Cell I loved and loved more than anything.  Then, just like that, I was shooting people in Iraq. There were no shadows.  There was no way I could hide.  I was basically playing a really, really bad war game that I did not, at all, pay for.

That is the problem with Splinter Cell: Conviction.  This game has no idea what it wants to be. Continue reading