The Plight of the White Man

Pissed off because he's pissed off.

There has been much discussion on and about the subject of Taxes.

It was no mistake that I had my students read the Communist Manifesto in class this week.  It was on purpose and I had a reason. I wanted them to understand certain things about our society which they either refused to acknowledge or had forgotten over time.  We live in a society that is a mixture of Capitalistic and Communistic ideals.  We have to be.  We always have.  As a community, we function. As individuals, we function.  The ability to work together and to work in groups is at the core, the very essence of what makes a person a viable member of society.  If someone can’t do either one of those things, they fail.

So they are rightAnd so are they.

What upsets me, a little, is the inability to find common ground.  We either do not want to or just don’t understand how.  We can come to an agreement about this.  We can come to some understanding about the government’s role.

About this survey.

Do I think that this whole “Tea Party” thing is about Race? I am a Black man.  I view almost everything racially.  For example, I like video games.  And many, many games that I play do not, at all, have a strong minority as the lead character.  Yes, many games have a minority as a side character, this supporting role, but, seriously, America is a mostly White country ruled by mostly White people.  We all know this.  Or, let me rephrase.  America WAS a White country that USED to be ruled by mostly White people.  Something changed that.  Dramatically.  And this is my point, one that I said a few years ago and I’m saying now.  No.  We were not ready to elect an African American President.  Well, maybe we were, but we really shouldn’t be surprised that a group of mostly white people are dressing up like Pirates and complaining about a government ran by a Black person is taking all their money.  Even if he isn’t. No black person I know is surprised by the Tea Party’s reaction.  At all.  No black person I know is looking at the Tea-party movement in abstract horror.  We’ve seen this before.  Many times.

In any event, I refuse to believe that the Tea Party movement is a reflection of America. It isn’t the America I know, anyway. I see America all the time.  Most of the Americans I know are extremely liberal.  Some of them are actual radicals that probably are being watched by the FBI. The rest of them are tolerant moderates who voted for Barack Obama, went home and sat down and turned on the television.  These moderate people, these independents, are not concerned with taxes and health care. They have always paid taxes and they’ve always had health care.  The independents engage in politics once every four years. They look at the news, they watch speeches, they listen to candidates. Thinking like this, it is no wonder that they voted Obama into office.  He is a genius. That can’t be denied. But the effort to deny that can cause some serious noise.  Such is life.