A Week In Review

This post is full of several random bits and pieces collected over the week.  I generally avoid posting like this, but I’m bored.

-I got a new phone.  It is a Samsung Jack.  I like it.  I’ve had Samsung BlackJacks for a couple of years now and I’m extremely pleased with them.  The best way to describe a Jack is that it is a Blackberry that isn’t a Blackberry.  Why don’t I just get a damn Blackberry?  I have no good reason.  I could have gotten and iPhone, and thought about doing it.  But, frankly, I’m not that type of person to own an iPhone.  If you know me, then you know what I mean by that. My new phone works in every way that it is needed.  It picks up my emails, it texts, it has buttons, it has GPS thingies, I can check Facebook with it, I can check all my RSS feeds on it and I can update and check Twitter on it.  Also, I can read PDF files, which is nice.  The only down side, so far, is that I am addicted to it.  I kept wondering why it was sucking up power and then I realized that it was because I kept using it.  It is nice, and a welcome upgrade.  Still, my old phone sits by the side of the bed, like an old dog, waiting for me to remember how much I love it.

-I posted Mid-term grades today.  Two things popped up.  One, I make my students do a lot of work.  Two, either they are doing really well or they are failing.  I have a few Bs and Cs, but mostly As.  This is a direct result of me grading on sheer effort.  If you come to my class every day, you shut up, and you try, you will get a B in my class.  This is the standard.  If anyone does more than that, an A is almost assured.  What bothers me, more and more, is the students that don’t do the work, don’t turn in anything, don’t try.  But then I think about my own Community College experience and I completely understand what these kids are going through.  College is tough.  It isn’t easy and, most times, it isn’t very fun.

-Finally, the Health Care bill passed.  Did it cause our country to rip in half?  Not really.  But people are either in love or they hate the Current President, just like the one before that, just like the one before that.  It is funny.  When Bush was in Office, I thought this Country was going to hell. Now with Obama in office, people think this Country is going to hell.  The only President I can think of who people didn’t absolutely hate was Bill Clinton.  How could you hate Bill Clinton.  Yeah, he cheated on his wife.  I mean, ok.  That’s about as much of my business as his current hemorrhoid situation.  Politics are nasty, tough, and gross.  That is how it is.  That is how it always is, that is how it will always be.  And, at the end of the day, we’ll all be better for it.  Man.  I hope next week is a little bit quieter…