Moon: Impressions

I didn’t DISLIKE Moon.  I just didn’t like it.  Well, maybe I did like it.  I can’t honestly say, and I think that’s the power of the damn movie.  I was watching it, this movie, and I was waiting for the weird, charismatic robot to go and kill off the main character, Sam.  I was waiting for Sam to flip out, with guns and bullets and stuff and insanity and some ninja action.  Instead I got…well.  I mean, what did I get?  In the movie, we harvest the moon.  One guy is there to make sure the machines run right.  But, you know, he’s a clone (spoiler!) and there are more clones (spoiler!), so I was ready for the clones to sit down next to each and, you know, contemplate their existence.  What is it like to have an exact copy of you, walking around?  What is it like?  How does it feel? Do they have these conversations?  No. Do they have any meaningful conversations?  No.  It is another one of those “Lonely-Space” movies where the antagonist is millions of miles away or the enemy is ambiguous or the enemy is lurking around the corner, hiding.  But I didn’t DISLIKE it.  It just didn’t move me like I wanted.  Still, it was a beautiful movie, with amazing sets and some incredible voice acting by Kevin Spacey.  And Sam Rockwell.  Who is this guy?  He might be my new favorite actor.  I just wish I could make up my mind about this movie.

2 thoughts on “Moon: Impressions

  1. I like that the movie threw some pump-fakes in the direction of 2001: will the Spacey-voiced space robot pull a Hal 9000? And Sam Rockwell–who I’ve had a kind of inexplicable fascination with for some time–really has some chemistry with himself. I thought the art direction was on-point, too. Did you know that the moon vehicles were miniature models? I thought it gave the movie a very different, but still flattering aesthetic.

    Still, I agree that while the movie was pleasant enough to watch, it didn’t end up resonating in a significant way. As an aside, did you know the director is David Bowie’s son?

  2. I did not know David Bowie even had a son. Awesome. And the miniature model thing is very, very interesting. It actually explains a few things about the look of the film.

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