I Watched Fox Today. Here is What I Learned.

So, I watched Glen Beck today.  I watched him because most people make fun of him, say he’s insane, or say the guy is a goof and that he’s a hate-monger and that, you know, all that.  And I watched Glen Beck today because the Health Care Bill passed, and I wanted to see if, you know, he was going to explode or not.  From what I saw, he didn’t.  He was sitting there, next to a television, with the faces of the Founding Fathers on the television and he said something that didn’t really annoy me.  It was actually good advice.

“We don’t quit!” he said.  “When we lose, we pull ourselves up by the boot straps!”

I might have butchered that quote, but it isn’t bad advice.  When people face adverse problems, when Americans lose a great victory, we do pull ourselves up.  We do, I guess, pull ourselves up by boot straps.  We really do that. And the fact that I connected to Glen Beck because of this disturbed me.  Not five minutes into the show and I was understanding his ideas, his believes.  I was becoming apart of his thought process.  He and I found common ground. He was good at it.  However, not three seconds later, all that fell apart.  It happend when he said this.

“You do need a hand out,” he said.  “You don’t need to be one of those people asking for Government Cheese…”

Really.When I was growing up, my family was like many African American families in North Carolina.  We were broke.  And there were many times where we had to have the help of the Welfare system to eat on a daily basis.  We had to have discount coupons to get free lunch and breakfast at school.  I remember that deeply, going to school early so I could get breakfast.  This wasn’t embarrassing to me because all of us did it and because eating isn’t embarrassing.  There is nothing wrong with eating.  I know, now, because I am older and because I spent a decade in higher education, that some people have unfavorable views of the Welfare System.  It looks like a hand out.  And, well, it is a hand out.  But the Welfare System exists because there are real gaps in the Capitalistc System.  Capitalism doesn’t work very well.  Some people have to be unemployed in order for the system to work.  This isn’t news.  So, yeah, I got free food when I was a kid.  I’m not ashamed of this.

This is why Glen Beck is a monster.  He says, on his show, that taking Welfare is a bad thing and that the Welfare System is a mistake.  He compares Health Care Reform to Welfare, and that “Progressives” want to toss out free food and free health care to people who do want to work for it.  This isn’t the case.  The Health Care system is tied to the Capitalistic system, so it is broken.  It needs to be fixed, so everyone can afford to get Health Care.  If the Capitalistic system wasn’t broken, then everyone could afford Health Insurance and everyone would have it.  That is what government is for.  Government is designed to take care of people.  Without it, the strong would take advantage of the weak, more than they do already.  Glen Beck is either an entertainer masked as a newsman or a newsman masked as an entertainer. He is a monster because he knows this and is just spraying rhetoric in order to gain viewers and followers or he really believes in his strange, twisted Market-Darwin beliefs and he has, some how, gained the power and ability to shout his beliefs across the digital ether.

Either way.  Fuck you, Glen Beck.


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