News Rodeo: The Return of Social Protesting

The guy’s name is Lt. Dan Choi.  He’s gay and stuff and he is getting kicked out of the military because he’s gay and stuff.  The guy is pissed, of course.  So, today, there was a rally pooping on the Military’s “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy. We don’t ask that you’re gay.  You don’t tell us you’re gay. But we might. And if we do, you’re out.  So, today, at the rally with Kathy Griffen (Kathy Griffen?  Really?) he and a buddy spoke, marched to the White House and handcuffed himself to the fence.

That’s what I’m talking about.

I’m a big fan of social protest.  I don’t think we do it enough and I don’t really have the guts to handcuff myself to the White House fence and wait to be arrested.  But, man!  That’s the stuff!  Risking your life (sort of) to make a social statement is far more effective than, say, posting something on facebook or twitter.  I’m not saying that we should start picking up sticks and start throwing rocks and start burning cars.  Not really.  What I am saying is that fighting is tough. Sometimes a guy or two has to get arrested for what they believe.  And we should respect him.