Impressions: The Hangover

The Hangover is funny like watching your best friend tripping and falling.  You laugh at him.  You point.  You smile and you make fun of him for days.  You calling him clumsy.  You say he’s an idiot.  You tell his girlfriend.  That is the way we do things.  We are men.  Men don’t like being men.  We would rather be boys.  But, since we can’t be boys, we act like boys whenever possible.  That is the Hangover.  It is about two hours of guys being complete and utter morons.  It is funny because we, guys, can say, without any problem or hesitation, that we would do the same exact thing. Yes, I will take shots on top of a building.  Yes, I will steal Mike Tyson’s Tiger.  Yes, I will get married to a stripper.  Yes, I will steal a cop car. And, yes, I will put a tiny, naked Asian man into the trunk of my car.  It isn’t the funniest movie I’ve ever seen.  I’m not telling you what movie that is.  But the Hangover was a welcome part of my vacation.  And can anyone explain where the Chicken came from?  


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