Zombieland: Impressions

I’m going to give my impressions of Zombieland while, at the same time, I give my impressions of my vacation.  There is one large, early part of it that has given me pause.  My vacation, not the movie.  While I got ready to go the other day, I grabbed my gear in one, big, healthy bundle.  And then I heard a crack.  I dropped it all and looked and, yes, there is it was: A broken pair of glasses.  I instantly began to plan, to move my day around, to find the time to get new glasses.  If you ever have glasses, you know what this means.  My prescription is light, but within minutes my eyes began to hurt and my head started to strain to focus.  I have rules, you see.  Just like Zombieland, I have created a list of rules that I don’t break, that I don’t veer off from, that I try to keep no matter what.  Jarvis Slacks’ rules number 10: Be Consistant.  Rule Number 7: If all else fails, laugh.  Rule Number 18: Put your glasses on.  You’d be surprised what you’ll miss when you can barely read the road signs.

But I understand that Zombieland isn’t as complex or interesting as I am.  It was a movie I had to make myself laugh at.  I had to do this several times.  But my lack of laughter was because I never experienced a movie this completely bizarre and odd, which is a good thing.

I’ve started thinking about how we are changing, both in the movies we want to make and what we want to do with out lives.  Zombieland had absolutely nothing powerful to see.  It didn’t fix any problems and it didn’t make my life any better.  But it did make me laugh, jump, point, and, oh, you know, there was that whole thing with Bill Murray.  The movie was good because it proved, again, that a movie doesn’t have to do anything super-important or life changing.  We can just kill zombies and make jokes, or teach at a community college and teach comp.  Oh, wait  That’s about me.  Not the movie.