(500) Days of Summer: Impressions

Being Single: Much like fighting to the death...

Being single sucks.  It absolutely sucks.  There are some good parts about it.  You get to do what you want, when you want. You have complete and utter freedom, which is nice.  But there are also some pretty huge down sides.  That bed is a bit colder.  There is hardly ever anyone to eat with.  Your day seems pointless at weird moments.  We all know this.  This is reality.  (500) Days of Summer tackles the odds and ins of the modern day American single male.  We have two nice size problems.  1) We have to survive in this world somehow.  2) We have no idea how to do it.  Take the main character of the movie, Tom.  He’s a nice enough guy.  He can’t get his life together.  As soon as he starts hanging out with Summer, he dumps all his hopes, his fears, and his expectations on her.  And of course the relationship ends in a horrible mess.  When you put all your faith into other people, there is hardly ever enough room to put faith in yourself.

It is strange how the movie is an almost complete waste until half way through, when the pain of heart break gives way to the pain of real, utter heart break.  But you can’t help but cheer when Tom finally gets out of bed, quits his stupid job, showers and shaves, and puts his life together.  There is only so long you can sulk.  I would talk about the Summer character, but there isn’t any real point.  The movie paints her as a fickle, commitment-phobic, man-killer.  That is an unreal portrait of the modern single woman.  The modern single woman is the same as the modern single man.  Confused. Afraid of dying alone.  Desperate to feel that connection to someone.  Gaining wisdom only through trail and error.  Good flick.  You should watch it.


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