And, Thus, Failure.

Yes they do.

I failed.

My failure to stay off Facebook for more than a damn week shows you how weak I am, how the damn site is rooted into my system, how my nerves are tied to it, how I can’t stay off the thing long enough to come to any real epithet.  What is the matter with me?  What is the matter with us?  Have we all forgotten the days where we could be free of such a connection?  Do we need the connection?  Is that how big our consciousness is?  Have we reached this point?

Of course I’m avoiding Facebook because of a girl. Why else would I avoid it?  I’m not going to get into details.  Nice try.  But saying that I’m avoiding a social networking site because I’m avoiding the social networking aspects shouldn’t surprise you.  You sometimes need to take a few minutes away from all that, especially if you don’t particularly want to know the particulars of what a particular person is doing.  This isn’t unique to me.  We have all done it.  We all do it.  That is how the Internet has become, this unmoving extension of our lives.  We cut it off and we miss things.  We completely integrate with it and we torture ourselves.  That is the future of technology. We must become apart of it, deal with it, grin and smile, and move past it.  Or you can just drink a lot.  That’s not a bad idea, either.


One thought on “And, Thus, Failure.

  1. very true. I have successfully given up facebook for about… more than a week now. one of the things i gave up for lent was facebook, and doing so has given me a lot more free time… time like to write the paper you assigned us… which i am almost finished with.

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