The Hughes Brothers might, just might, make an Akira movie. Maybe.

My blog has been a bit heavy handed as of late.  I completely understand that and I make no apologies.  The only apology you are getting is that I have touched upon the vain of what is making me wake and scream, “UGH” at night.  Lots of things make me wake up and say “Ugh”. I never really actually say the word “Ugh”, sense “Ugh” isn’t a real word.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never uttered “Ugh” anywhere but the Internet.  Which means I probably spend way too much time on this thing.  But we already knew that. Ugh.

Anyway, I liked the Book of Eli way more than I liked Avatar.  I liked the Book of Eli more than I liked Avatar because the Book of Eli had an actual plot, where Avatar had blue people sticking their pony tails onto animals.  Seriously.  A pony tail onto animals.  From Terminator 2 to Blue people having Amazon sex.  How far you have fallen, James Cameron.  Huh?  My point?  I need one?  Ok, well, the guys who did The Book of Eli, the Hughes Brothers, are, cross your fingers, making the live action Akira re-make.  So there.  There is your point.  Happy?  From iO9:

Rumors are circulating that the Hughes Brothers’ next project could be a live-action remake of Akira. But they don’t just want one film — the Warner Brothers picture is planned as a two-parter. New York Magazine says Warners is in negotiations with the Albert and Allen Hughes to direct a live-action remake of Otomo’s cult classic manga Akira. The script is from Iron Manand Children of Menwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Which, last we heard, was being tweaked by the team last September, after Ruairi Robinson left the picture.

A script from the guys who wrote Iron-man, directed by the guys who did President’s Day.  Yes.  I will wait.  I will sit and I will wait forever for you, Live Action Akira movie.  Isn’t that what true love is all about?


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  1. Just thought I’d let you know that I like your style. Hope the novel works out. It’s a very tough road I’ve travelled several times. All the luck (and it’s needed, along with the talent you clearly have) in the world.

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