Mass Effect 2 is next week. Also, I lose both my jobs and have to live on the streets because I’m going to play it too much. Haha! Joking! Maybe….

Next week, Mass Effect 2 comes out.  Also next week, I won’t be sleeping much and I think I might lose eight or nine pounds. I have survived for the past six-months by only watching one trailer. Just one.  I am spoiler-free and that feeling is a good feeling.The original Mass Effect had a number, an almost unreal host of problems.  The cut scenes were great, but the in-game animations were always a bit stiff and dry.  The Mako drove like a brink being pulled by a piece of string except not as fun.  And I can’t tell you how many times I died simply because my team-mates refused to even pretend like they wanted to think.  But besides all those glaring problems, there was an experience there that no other game before it gave me.  It was half way through the game.  My character (Royal Shepherd) had to make a decision: Go and save Ashely or go and save Hayden.  One of them was going to die.  And no matter what I did, I couldn’t save them both.  So I let Hayden get blown up.   But that wasn’t what got me.  Later in the game, Ashely shot Rex!  She shot Rex! And I couldn’t stop her! It was the way the game knew it was a game, and the way the game always thought one step ahead of me that got me hooked.  I loved that game.  And unlike some other games, Mass Effect 2 will be a sequel that will absorb my soul like a sponge sucking up water.