No. It isn’t OK to call us, “Negros”. Thanks for asking…

Ok, this isn't fun anymore.

I want to explain this whole “Negro” thing.

I am from the South, a place where the Racism conversation has gone on for longer than the Earth has been formed.  The good thing about living in the South is that the Race conversation is done.  We’ve talked it out and we’ve concluded that some people are racists, some are not.  Yes, Black people can be racist.  Yes, there are certain words that have a racist undertone.  “Nigger” is a perfect example.  “Colored People” is a good one as well.  And, yep, “Negro” fits into that category.  White people have some words as well.  “Red-neck”.  “White-trash”.  “Dirty-White-People” is one that was created in the 1990s, but didn’t last long.  The point is that words matter.  They do.  Words always matter.

This all stems from something that Harry Reid, the Majority Leader of the Democrats in the Senate, MAYBE said in a book, Game Change.  He supposedly said that then Senator Obama had a good chance of becoming President because the brother was “Light-skinned” and that he spoke “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”.  I use the words “Maybe” and “Supposedly” because the book sources no one in it, which is sad because I fail papers from Freshmen college kids for not having sources, but these douche-sacks get off Scott-free?  But that is a whole other thing.  Harry Reid has apologized, which means he said it, which means there is a problem. But, it is increasingly hard for me to articulate that problem.  Think of it this way. We are in the City pound, looking for dogs.  There are two dogs in front of us.  You point at one and the clerk says, that’s a pure breed Pitbull.  You point at the other one and the clerk says, oh, that’s a Mutt.  There.  Done.  One dog is pure-breed, and the breed deserves a respectable title.  The other dog is a Mutt and deserves absolutely nothing.  In fact, it being a Mutt means that it has had some misfortune.  Somebody let that dog exist!  So sad.  Who is that?  Oh, that is an African American Male.  Hell, that is a Black Male.  That’s fine.  But Negro?  Really?

Black people, collectively, would like for people not to call us Negroes.  This is not 1953.  We’ve decided that.  If we change our minds, we will send out emails.  We promise.