The New A-Team Trailer shows, of course, stuff blowing up.

To be honest, I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve watched the A-Team.  I have the sneaky suspicion that the same can be said for most of society.  Did we really like this show?  A group of dudes that were wrongfully accused of something have to drive in a big van and body-slam people.  Did we like that?  Or did we just think we liked it?  The concept that the A-team was good television is a meme, and I am happy to kick that meme in the head so it stops reproducing.  However, judging from the number of people that went to see Avatar (over my explicit objections), it really doesn’t matter what a movie is about, what is happening and who is in it.  You will see anything.  And, because there is a tank with parachutes floating through the air and a guy is shooting a predator drone with the tank, I guess I’ll be right there with you.  New A-Team trailer.  Enjoy.