Watch CCTV Cameras! Catch Bad Guys! Win Prizes!

Why would he stop watching? You guys are so entertaining!

Yes, Big Brother is still watching you.  And he always will.  I mean, you spend so much time and attention on what you wear and those boots.  Why wouldn’t he watch?  Man, the creepy button flew off the scale on that one, didn’t it?  Yes, Closed Circuit Televisions (Also known as CCTV for the uncool) are a part of our daily lives.  You can’t even go buy a Whatchamacallit without a guy looking on a screen somewhere and asking, what?  They still make Whatchamacallits?  Over in Britain, a new article by the BCC explains how, even with one camera on the streets for every 8 people, crime is still a problem.  The solution? Well, I mean, the Market, of course.  Capitalism, brother.  The Market will fix everything.

One UK businessman thinks he has come up with a solution by recruiting volunteers to watch live CCTV footage streamed over the web in return for cash prizes. Businessman Tony Morgan sees his company, Internet Eyes, as the future with an army of volunteer spies monitoring live CCTV footage online and alerting police to any criminal activity they witness. Their only incentive is a monthly prize of £1,000 for the best crime spotter of the month yet more than 10,000 recruits have already signed up.

That’s right.  Cold, hard cash for anyone who can find a crime maker-type person.  How do they judge who gets the money?  I mean, what defines a “Best Crime Spotter”?  And, what is going to happen when we aren’t at war with Eastasia?  Oh, that’s right, we are always at war with Eurasia.  That’s right.  I keep forgetting.


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