Netflixing: Fringe, Season One

It doesn't hurt that she's smoking hot, either.

My life, currently, consists of the following.  Work and Not-Work. Not-Work is a catch-all because if I’m not working, anything that I do is basically the same thing because it isn’t work.  It is good to have clear, confined definitions.  What I enjoy doing, what I like to do more than working, is watching Science Fiction television shows.  Battlestar Galactica took up most of my time before, and since I finished that up in quick fashion, I’ve searched for a replacement.  Fringe isn’t that replacement.  But it will due for now.

The show is basically X-Files for us, people who hated X-files.  I have no problem saying that X-files was bad.  It was.  It made absolutely no sense and the lack of it making sense was supposed to be explained by, what exactly?  I mean, seriously. What was X-files about?  I don’t even care.  Fringe circles around this problem by having a clear and sharp focus.  There is a group of people experimenting on the human race like lab rats.  The Department of Homeland Defense doesn’t think this is a good idea.  There.  Done.  Was that so hard?

I like the show more now because I recognize the novelty of it.  I can see that, ok, there might not be a plan now, but the premise of the show allows for a plan to be formed later.  It still has that stupid “Mystery of the Week” feel to it.  If television shows cared less about its audience and the audience’s retard inability to follow a coherent storyline, and cared more about telling a coherent story line, I would like the series better.  But I’m just working my way through Season one.  We’ll have to do that whole “Wait and See” thing….