The Return of Social Protests?


Not an actual picture from the Cali protest. I just thought it looked cool.

I’m a big fan of social protest.  If we don’t like the way something is going, the way people are doing stuff, the way stuff happens, we should go outside and burn cars.  I don’t believe that all the parts of the democratic process works for most people, and I am a firm believer that major corporations and businesses and special interests control far too much and the only thing they’ll eventually listen to is, yes, the burning of cars.  Looks like some other people finally agree with me.


Authorities arrested dozens of angry students at the University of California, Davis, campus late Thursday after they refused to vacate the school’s administration building in protest of a 32-percent tuition hike. At one point, as many as 150 students were at the building protesting the tuition increase, Morain said. In response to the protests, university officials said they will convene a meeting at noon Friday between students, the director of student affairs and the school’s top budget officials.

Good work, men and women.  Nicely done.  Protesting is good.  Making a sign and shouting works.  Yeah, that does some stuff.  But getting arrested.  Yeah, you know, that works too.  Just make sure you pick your battles properly.