Jncos and the Natural Progression of Maturity.


Just like facial piercings, jncos were a good idea at the time.

So I was on the bus heading home because I don’t drive for various reasons.  Trust me, it is annoying.  When most people think, ok, I’m going home, I think, ok, I’m going to sit at the bus stop and wait for the bus so I can catch the train so I can catch another bus….you get the point. Most people who take the bus on the regular quickly learn to “zone out” and pretty much forget that they are on a bus in the first place.  Somedays, however, you are reminded.  Take, for example, the kid that jumped on the bus today wearing Jncos.  Now, we all remember them.  And I know, I am damn positive, that some one reading this either use to own a pair or still owns a pair of these jeans. They are horrible.  Tight up top and then, like knowledge from the tree of laugh, billions of tons of fabric fall down from the waist to the ground.  And, some how, people danced in these things.  I will admit it.  I owned a pair.  I owned a pair because some of my friends owned a pair and girls that I wanted to smoochie-face with owned a pair.  Lots of people owned them, just like we use to own American cars and PCs and Tube televisions.  We used to own these things and we stopped owning them when we understood they were stupid.  So how is  a fifteen year old kid still wearing them?  Where do you even find these things?  Who would sell them to some one?  How does that salesman sleep at night?

God, the mistakes we made.  The raves, the drugs, the buying of techno-music.  Remember drum and bass?  Remember how it was supposed to be around forever?  That’s my point.  It left like most things do.  We get older, things change.  I wear a collared shirt and get up at five am every morning.  I actually pay bills.  But the fact that these over-sized aberrations of sewing ninjary still exist, AND REFUSES TO DIE, just goes to show you that, no, some things actually will linger.  And we will just linger right along side with it.  That all being said, if you are wearing Jncos, stop it.  Or we will do things to you.  Happy Tuesday.



3 thoughts on “Jncos and the Natural Progression of Maturity.

  1. Oh yeah, I totally had a pair of Jncos. (To my teenaged-self’s credit, they were the relatively tame kind, the ones that were baggy at the bottom but did not impede normal movement, including, say, walking.) And yeah, no one should ever wear them again. They’ve been warning us about the return of 80s fashion, but no one said anything about the mid- to late-90s! We’re not prepared for the horror!

  2. I was very depressed as a teen. I blame that. 🙂 But then again, I’ve never had an ounce of fashion sense, so it could just be that…

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