Our Choice, A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis: Impressions


And it is a pretty simple choice, too.

It is one of those books that you automatically think that you want to give to all your friends.  I bought it on Friday and got through half of it by Saturday afternoon.  There are photographs that you stare at for whole minutes, wondering how we do such terrible things to our planet.  A picture of a Cattle farm with hundreds of hundreds of cows.  A picture of a plane spraying pesticides over a field.  A picture of a farmer in Brazil planting crops after clearing a piece of the rain forest.  Our Choice is honest about the problems that face our planet.  But, more than that, this book is about solutions.  It tells us, in plain terms, the ways we can solve the Climate Crisis.  It doesn’t tell us the problems.  If you don’t know or believe in Climate Change then you aren’t going to be convinced by this book.  But it does explain the steps we can take to fix the problems and create an entirely new economy in the process.  Carbon Capture.  White rooftops. Algae production. Solar panels in space. These are solutions that work and that we can do now.  Right now.  Like, right now. The problem I have with this book is a problem I have about every rhetorical situation that presents itself:  Most arguments preach to the choir.  Anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change will not read this book.  People who do believe in it will, which defeats the purpose of the book.  Climate Change will be a topic open to debate and cynicism until we see millions of people, millions of Americans, die from it.  By then, it will be too late.  Hopefully, we’ll be smart enough to act before that happens.


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  1. If you’ve got ten bucks a free afternoon, stop by the Corcoran and check out the “Oil” exhibit (if you haven’t already, of course). Crazy, crazy images.

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