V: Impressions


Learn the lesson, people! The prettier the snake, the more deadly.

First, it is important to understand that V isn’t the greatest Sc-Fi show I’ve ever seen.  It isn’t even close.  That special recognition goes to Battlestar Galactica.  However, V has potential.  It has real, honest potential to be an amazing Science Fiction series.  If you don’t know about it, V stands for the Visitors.  Or it could stand for Evil Vaginas.  These aliens come to Earth and tell us that they need our stuff.  In exchange, they will give us their technology.  It is 100% American to exchange Goods for Services.  And who doesn’t want to get into a flying car?  Or have sex with a pretty blonde Alien who is flirting with us?  I mean, it is our duty as Americans to get cool tech in exchange for silly “water” and to have sex with attractive creatures from another planet that we know nothing about.  Man.  That was a Soapbox, huh?  Any way, as it turns out, these Aliens are really ugly Aliens and not the hot variety.  They want something from us, we don’t know what.  And they can kung-fu fight and have cool things that shoot blades and kill people.  But, look past that and you notice what I noticed.  The cast for V is amazing.  It is like they just got the best Sci-Fi acting talent they could and just popped it right into the show.  Two cast members from Firefly?  Thank you.  That hot girl from Lost which is the only reason I watched Lost?  Yes, I’ll take that.  One of the Final Five?  Put her in there, too.  The show can be good, if it survives the four month hiatus that it has looming over it’s head.  But for a pilot, it is a start.  A really good start.  And, hey, not every thing has something to do with President Obama.  Geez.  A life.  Go get one.



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  1. Yeah, I read that article. It doesn’t really fit that well. And, if you think about it, any administration in power has the ability to deceive. Most of them do. Sadly.

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