Fox News and President Obama

And, sadly, he makes more money than youll ever see.

And, sadly, he makes more money than you'll ever see.

I watch Fox every day.  Shush.  Don’t tell anyone.  But I do.  I watch Glenn Beck.  I watch Hannity.  I watch Bill O’Reilly.  I do this because Fox news hates President Obama.  But let’s not be one sided.  President Obama hates Fox news.  Oh, and let’s keep it straight.  I hate Fox news too.  I mean, seriously.  When the end comes, and I let everyone on board my spaceship, Fox news wouldn’t be allowed on.  And when the Zombie Rebellion starts, I might shoot Fox news in the face before it turns into a Zombie, just so I won’t have to deal with a Zombie-Fox news walking around.  And I know I’m not the only person who does this.  Fox news has sickening ratings right now because they are actively engaging with the President of the United States in an argument.  And arguments don’t work in a bubble.  In order to hear an argument properly and decide who is right, you have to listen to both sides of the argument.  So what’s the deal?  Is this a plan by the Obama Administration to marginalize the Conservative/Republican team by pointing at Fox news and saying, hey, you, Fox news, you suck.  Or is this whole thing just stupid?  Or are we missing something?

The marginalizing argument doesn’t make any sense.  By saying that Fox News isn’t, in fact, news is like saying that the sun is hot or that water is wet.  Nothing you watch on television is really news.  News is unbiased, dry, and extremely boring.  Newspapers are failing because they don’t entertain.  Newspapers inform.  Have you watch Fox news?  There is a header and a liner and flashy lights in the background and the anchors or whatever they are have too white teeth and their heads are too big.  And Glenn Beck?  Seriously?  Glenn Beck makes about as much sense as taking a laxative when you have diarrhea.  But Fox news isn’t the only one at fault.  MSNBC does the exact same thing.  Countdown with Keith Oblver…Obler….whatever his last name is, his show is just as noisy, just as loud, just as entertaining as anything Fox pushes out.  And as much as I love Rachel Maddow, the only reason I love her so much is because I secretly love her and want to have her babies.  This is television.  Television was created to sell soap.  Let’s not forget that.  And the White House is helping Fox sell a shit-ton of Ivory, son.

Wouldnt you want these people in your family?

Wouldn't you want these people in your family?

And the whole thing isn’t stupid.  Even though Fox news is in the business of entertaining and, uh, selling soap, Fox news is entertaining people by making these people scared out of their minds.  Fox news caters to fear.  They want people to be afraid.  First we were afraid of Terrorists and now we are suppose to be afraid of a Black man in office.  Don’t get it twisted.  It is the truth.  They can say he is a Muslim or call him a Socialist, but they really want to call him the “N-word”.  So, no, the White House calling out Fox news isn’t silly.  It actually might make people stop and think about what they are watching.  I doubt it.  Stupidity this imbedded into a society can only be pulled out with snow tires and super-thick chains.

Honestly, there is a third piece we are missing.  President Obama was elected by the American people.  Yes.  But just because he was elected doesn’t mean the brother has to change who he is.  Fox news does speak to a huge part of our population.  But he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to.  Maybe Obama doesn’t appreciate being called a racist.  Maybe he has a problem with a network that organized protestors who carried signs with him wearing “Joker” make up.  Trust me, Fox news isn’t going anywhere.  If anything, they are even more popular now.  But that doesn’t mean our President has to like it.  And, considering all the crap we are dealing with right now, it all seems a little soft to me.


2 thoughts on “Fox News and President Obama

  1. You are a better person than I am for watching it. I don’t know how you do it. The only time I can stand to watch Fox News is when it’s on The Daily Show as part of a joke. And even then, I had to stop watching The Daily Show during some of the worst of the health care stuff because it was making me too upset.

    At any rate. Here is a fantastic article about the newsless state of our cable “news” from the Atlantic:

    I have dear friends and family members who watch Fox News, or listen to other people who do, and part of the problem is there are some basic assumptions about the world that cannot be changed by Obama, and I’m not sure who could touch them. No Democrat will ever, ever change those opinions and assumptions. I grew up hearing this stuff all the time, and I know that a lot of people who still trust those guys mean well. But when all the people you trust are saying the same thing, you believe them. And when all your friends believe the same thing, you think you’re right. And when everybody in your church or your school or your work thinks the same thing, then you feel really right.

    I don’t know what it will take to diminish Fox’s relevance to some people. Perhaps it will just take another big entity coming along and offering the same message in a new, updated form.

    Where you end up is what I try to remind myself–we elected Obama. And if Fox was really having the impact it thinks it is, then McCain would be our president right now. But he’s not.

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