Are you Getting a Swine Flu Vaccine shot?

It just hit the street today and that joint is hot!  HOT!  The Swine Flu is coming and it kills people just by looking at them funny.  It borrows books and never gives them back.  It tells people the end of movies.  Swine Flu even eats the last Toaster Struddle that you have been saving for House! Are you serious!  Some people say it is safe.  We’ll see.

Skeptics, however, have a hard time believing that a one-dose vaccine lacking a special substance called an adjuvant — which primes the body to react to the dead virus and produce antigens against it more efficiently and effectively — can work as well as a two-dose one.

Give me some of that Swine flu! Give me all of it!

"Give me some of that Swine flu! Give me all of it!"

What! Dead-Zombie Swine Virus roaming in my blood!  I don’t think so!  Keep the US out of my Uterus!  Wait, huh?


2 thoughts on “Are you Getting a Swine Flu Vaccine shot?

  1. Son, that sh*t is real, yo….I heard gangs be doing drive-by’s with swine flu bullets now. But if you get that new shot thing when it first comes out, you get a bottle of Purell and a free Nike headband.

    • The last time I was at the mall, you got a sweet jacket, some handy-wipes and a cool bottle of orange juice. But the juice has pulp in it. Sucks.

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