10 PM Podcast: Out. Door. Shampoo. Towel. Edition

The game: Halo 3, ODST. Is it good? What is the campaign like? What is FireFight like? Is it worth $60? And when did ExtremeTaco get a girlfriend? And why, when geeks get girlfriends, is it surprising? Nate Kowal (Of Best.Gamepad.Ever) and Tom Kennedy (Of Awesometown) also do their best to make the podcast 15 minutes longer than it was supposed to be by making predictions about the gaming industry of 2010. Will Gears of War 3 come out? Will Halo: Reach be squad based? What about Grand Theft Auto 5? Or 4? Or what ever it is. And, finally: should you listen to this podcast? Yes. Why. You know why. You’ve always known why. Listen. Learn. And? Yep. Enjoy.

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