Is Carter Right?

I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable.  Actually, it really is suppose to make you uncomfortable.  Please.  Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Is Carter Right?

  1. I think O’Donnell made two really good points. Wilson needs to apologize to the people of south carolina. I still can’t believe that actually happened! He’s not just representing himself, he’s representing a whole state. Grrrrrrr still makes my blood boil. The other good point, people aren’t attacking the bill with solid points, they’re making these broad generalizations: I want my America back, Lefty spending, blah blah blah. I think that unfortunately racism does have something to do with it. Ted Kennedy made universal health care his life’s work and people weren’t attacking him this severely.

  2. Wow…I see racism every day…there are times when I close my eyes to it shut it out. Question is what are we, voting adults not the ignorant hateful, showing our children? To grow up believing in your vote and once it is done to reveal your hate of a shade, showing no respect for the office or the human being….

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