Over the Weekend: Black People Go Completely Insane.

I’m a black person, so I can make fun of my own people.  I reserve that right.  There was something in the air this weekend.  There had to be.  I mean, first Serena Williams had some interesting cooking suggestions for a Tennis Ball.

To be fair, Serena didn’t threaten to kill anyone.  That’s absurd.  Black people don’t threaten to kill people.  We usually just do it. This strange “Freak-out Virus” seemed to flow to Kanye West at the MTV Video Awards.  Wow.  I didn’t even think they did the awards anymore.  Why would they have awards for music videos when MTV doesn’t even show music videos anymore?

Thankfully, these are isolated events that don’t reflect poorly on the entire African-American population. And, considering that we’ve been pretty low-key since we finally got our way, we shouldn’t read too much into this.  On a side note, how much would I have to pay to have Serena Williams hit me with a tennis racket?  What?  I’m just asking a question…


8 thoughts on “Over the Weekend: Black People Go Completely Insane.

  1. I mean, it is like a Sci-fi movie. All these people just completely freaking the fuck out. One of the signs of the end times, I’m sure.

  2. i would also have to lump in lady gaga with people freaking the fuck out. what’s up with that chick? i miss the mtv era when there was quality stuff being produced…back to your post about early nineties music. those were the days.

  3. You forgot to mention that the President of the(se) United States, responded to Mr. West by calling him a “jackass”; which was to be ‘off record’. Only to be instantly tweeted!

  4. Jackassery knows no skin color.

    All three should be slapped like their momma’s never did. If I ever acted like that in public my momma would have arranged for me to pick up my face via FedEx from the next county.

    I’d add to the list, but I’d be here all day.

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