The Games: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Tossing guys around: Fun. Quick Time Events: Never fun.  Ever.

Tossing guys around: Fun. Quick Time Events: Never fun. Ever.

Some video games work because they are frustrating and you feel amazing when you finally beat it and scream at the screen, yelling in wonderful victory.  Other games are just fun, and any frustrating gameplay hampers the fun, and you scream at the screen because you aren’t having fun.  You are just completely annoyed.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the latter.  It is a fun game that tosses in frustration, getting completely in the way of the fun.  The challenges that the games tosses at you just stop all the wonderful fun you have, making it a mixed bag like a bag full of mixed cats.

The story in The Force Unleashed is sort of compelling.  Darth Vader takes a apprentice and trains  him to hunt Jedi.  Secretly, Vader uses his apprentice to find any “Rebels” that might want to overthrow the Empire.  Thus, our hero is both good and bad, and you are allowed to choose your side at the end of the game.  But the story isn’t as important as the actual game play.  You can pick up stuff and throw it.  You can toss your lightsaber.  You can pull stuff off a wall and throw it.  Pick up enemies and throw them.  You can shoot lightening out your fingers and, uh, shoot lightening at a dude, pick him up, toss a lightsaber in his chest and….uh.. throw him.  Yes, it does get a bit repetitive.  But doing something over and over that is fun is different than doing something over and over that’s hard.  The Force Unleashed straddles the middle of that fence.  It is fun to kick butt and throw things around and completely wreck shop.  It isn’t fun when you can’t wreck shop, or when you have to do Quick-time events that completely bring you out of the moment.  You can grab Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for  less than Twenty bucks and it is a perfect way to switch stuff up and waste some hours over the week.  Don’t expect to get excited when you finally bring down the Star Destroyer.  And try not to toss your controller across the room when you have to do it fifty times in a row.