The Great Debate: Should we reform Health Care?

Under the Obama plan, little girls have to fight it out in the Thunderdome for treatment.  Not really.  But wouldnt that be awesome?

Under the Obama plan, little girls have to fight it out in the "Thunderdome" for treatment. Not really. But wouldn't that be awesome?

Welcome to our (that means me) weekly post where I ask you a question and no one answers but, hey, what else am I gonna do?  Work?  Yeah, right!  Today’s topic: Should we reform Health Care?  Obama and his cronies on the Left want to create “Universal” Health Care so that “Every” American can be “Covered” and get “Treatment”.  That sounds just like Russia to me!  Even though Russia probably had the worst governmental system in history and never even came close to working correctly.  Then you have those on the Right who want to keep everything just like it is because, hey, we are in debt up to our eyelids and if an American wants Health care they should go to the store and buy health care.  Please be civil in your comments, and alway remember that when you carry a loaded gun to a town hall meeting, the Secret Service puts you on a terror watch list for the rest of your life.  Happy voting!


7 thoughts on “The Great Debate: Should we reform Health Care?

  1. Here’s an interesting study that shows that the more minorities there are in a country or state, the less public spending (including health care) there is. It seems that it’s ok to spend taxpayer $ on people who are just like you, but if it starts going to “them”, it’s not ok.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m a white, (relatively) wealthy person with good health care who wouldn’t mind if I was taxed more so those not as fortunate as me could be covered, no matter their race or ethnicity. In this case, it seems I’m one of the minority.

  2. I’d rather health care not get reformed, completely. I mean, I don’t have health insurance currently and I can’t afford health insurance currently.

    Free? No. Canada failed at that and no one wants to end up like Canada. Health care wise, I mean. But affordable? Yeah. I think that’s fairly important. Especially the way the economy is. If I had to pick between eating for a month or health care.

    My choice is clear.

  3. Economically speaking, I think something needs to be done. We spend more per capita in health care costs than countries with government-run systems (, and we can’t even insure all our citizens with the most basic care. That’s stupid. Maybe the Canadian system is junk–but we could do better. Some Americans are pretty dang smart. We put a man on the moon, once upon a time. I bet we could make a decent health care system.

    Morally speaking, I think something needs to be done. I have a problem with the fact that your income level determines whether you’re valuable enough to get surgery. I know–it’s naive of me. That’s how the world works. But just because the world is screwed up, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can to attempt at making it better. Britain enacted its health care program after WWII, I believe. Maybe not the most economically sound idea, but certainly the most morally sound one.

    We’ve got to figure out how to pay for it, though. I think Tyler has a point–we’re in a crap economy. We’ve got to figure a way to stop hemorrhaging money at some point… I know health care costs are out of control and are a part of our economic woes, but sometimes it does feel just a little soon to be making any major overhauls. (Of course, as I understand some of the proposals, it’s not a full overhaul and really wouldn’t affect most of us anyway. So, maybe now is a good time. Who knows…)

  4. I think, just like everyone has to pay for car insurance, everyone should have to pay for health insurance. The difference is, if we reform the system, it will cost me Fifty bucks a month instead of $200. The worst part: Even if we pass something today, it won’t take effect until 2013. So, the longer we wait on it, the longer it will take to get something done. And I love all you guys, by the way.

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