Will District 9 save our Sci-fi Souls?

Let’s be honest.  Terminator Salvation was lackluster.  Nobody liked Wolverine.  And Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was so mind-breaking brilliant that it actually caused people to hate it based off pure fear of the unknown.  What are we supposed to love this summer?  Well, how about Aliens in South Africa being held there by the government?  Yeah, that might do it.  I plan to talk about this at length on the upcoming 10 PM Podcast with Nate and a special guest-dude.  In the meantime, peep the trailer.  And, yes, that alien does catch that rocket.  And, yes, it is awesome.  A making-of doc is after the break.


2 thoughts on “Will District 9 save our Sci-fi Souls?

    • Figures you’d like it. A guy with claws and no shirt for two hours. Huh. Why didn’t I like it?

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